July 15, 2024

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Maggie Van Ostrand's articles have appeared, or will appear, in these publications. Her editors' comments are on the Home Page. If interested in publishing her column, or assigning an article to Maggie, write to her.


Hard Copy Only

  • Highways Magazine — Des Moines, Iowa*
  • Mountain Enterprise — Frazier Park, California*
  • Noticias del Mundo — New York City (Spanish language)*
  • Our Community — Ohio's Feel Good Newspaper
    Serving London, Choctaw Lake, and West Jefferson, Ohio
  • Pine Mountain Pioneer — Pine Mountain, California*
  • Santa Clarita News — Santa Clarita, California*



Articles, No Fee Required

  • Ezine Articles — for online publishers
    A site for editors to find specific topics for publication in their ezines. This link is to my articles. They say I'm an "expert," so of course I like them.
  • Lansing, Michigan: Radio Interview — Podcast
    Interview about career, and about living in Mexico.
  • MDA Leadership Consultants — experts on corporate management
    A comprehensive article on charisma in the workplace, and how it differs from an employee who is just charming and manipulative. How do you decide which one to promote?
  • Texas Escapes Magazine — an ezine devoted to Texas Lore
    Stories about Texas characters, living and dead, such as The Legend of Strap Buckner, Belle Starr: Truth or Legend?, The Night the Posse Chased Santa Claus, and more.

* Featured Articles

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