August 8, 2020

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  • Josefina, a Woman of Mexico
    Living in New York and Los Angeles, while good for one’s metabolism, is not that great for one’s patience. Who has time to stop and smell the roses? Who stops? Who smells? What roses?

  • Mrs. Baldwin of Missouri Teaches All About Mexico
    When sixth-grade teacher, Dorothy Baldwin, sent an email asking for permission to use my story, “The Day I Photographed Josefina’s family,” in a class project about Mexico, I said yes, and requested only that she forward the result for my files.

  • There's Something About Mexico
    A Mayan myth, as recorded by Alfonso Villa R. in Quintana Roo and recently reported to me, tells us that God created a number of human couples, each with the racial characteristics of the group to which he was assigned. God “formed a Chinese, a Negro, and a Maya couple, and granted each one the portion of the earth in which they were to reproduce their kind and establish their rule.

  • El Taxi, or El Toro?
    Hemingway said there are two types of spectators at a bullfight: those who identify with the bull, and those who identify with the matador.


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